Read more about who’s behind Solid Foundations, the philosophy which inspires the company’s products and services, as well as details that include training & experience (both academic & otherwise) and membership of professional bodies.

Explore the Speech Pathology Services offered by Solid Foundations:  from literacy, to speech and language development as well as Solid Foundations‘ expertise in working with First Peoples children.

Learn about Solid FoundationsFirst Peoples Community Engagement activities, which draw on the unique strengths and expertise of staff in this area.   View details of the services offered and examples of projects we’ve been involved in.


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Explore Solid Foundations‘ Assessment Series, which consists of speech, language and literacy assessment packages, for use by speech pathologists and allied professionals, which have been specifically designed for use in Aboriginal English-speaking communities while being culturally-sensitive and linguistically-appropriate.   The SF Assessment Series includes a free product available for download through our shop.


View the range of children’s books with a message available in Solid Foundations‘ online store.