First Peoples Community Engagement — Services

Solid Foundations is able to provide consultancy services in a range of areas intended to address health, education and preparation for employment amongst First Peoples communities.

Solid Foundations is, for instance, able to deliver projects that require the following team structures:

  • Integrated consultancy teamJudy will assemble a team of allied health professionals and/or health and education specialists to enable integrated solutions while being engaged under a single Contract / Agreement.
  • Research and evaluation:  Judy is able to undertake research and evaluation of projects, programs and issues to investigate specific matters or holistic outcomes.
  • Be part of a larger team:  If required, Judy and her team are available to form part of a larger project’s team to undertake specialist services. Judy will ensure all deliverables are provided in accordance with the project’s mandated goals and administrative outputs.
  • Training and education:  Judy is available to facilitate training of health and education professionals in all aspects of communication associated with First Peoples’ needs.

Please contact Solid Foundations for further details or to discuss your project’s requirements and how we may be of assistance.