First Peoples Community Engagement

Our philosophy

The community engagement team at Solid Foundations has at its core the strong belief that First Peoples are the best-placed experts to examine and find workable solutions for meeting First Peoples’ needs.

Our contribution

The Solid Foundations team is able to respond to First Peoples’ requests to provide additional specialist support to assist in the analysis and implementation of community-based support and approaches.

Our work

We are pleased to provide some examples of projects with which the team has been and is currently involved.

Our team

The members of a project team are hand-selected by Judy depending on each project’s specific needs and requirements.

Our fees

The professional fees charged will vary for each project based on the scope and duration of the work required and the size and composition of the team selected to work on it. Solid Foundations will provide a written quotation that addresses the specific needs and terms and conditions of each client organisation and project.

Please contact Solid Foundations should you have any queries about or wish to discuss the possibility of consultancy work in the area of First Peoples Community Engagement.