Speech Pathology Services — Professional Fees

Please feel free to contact Judy to discuss what payment options may be available to best meet your needs or to discuss any of the following points.

Medicare Rebate

Judy is a registered Medicare provider. This means that you are able to visit your family doctor and request a referral to see Judy under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Your child’s speech-language pathology service will then be eligible to be covered by the Medicare rebate.

Additional Medicare support is also available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and for children who have been formally diagnosed with a disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or permanent Hearing Loss.

Private Health Care Cover

Speech-language pathology services are covered by most private health care providers. You are unable to access the Medicare rebate plus your private health care rebate to cover any excess cost that may be incurred.


Solid Foundations‘ current fees-for-services are as follows:

  • $120.00 per hour;
  • $90.00 per ¾ hour;
  • $60.00 per ½ hour.

All speech-language pathology services are charged at these rates.

Speech-language pathology services are defined as:

  • assessment sessions;
  • face-to-face assessment feedback sessions;
  • report writing (maximum rate charged $120.00);
  • therapy sessions;
  • face-to-face consultations or meetings with other professionals such as your child’s teacher(s).

When conducting language and literacy assessments, Judy values the opportunity to meet with children over at least two assessment sessions. This provides Judy with the opportunity to ‘get to know’ your child better. It is very important that children are provided with the opportunity to meet with Judy on more than one occasion in order for Judy to gain a detailed and more balanced understanding of how your child is developing.