Speech Pathology Services — Reporting

Judy is able to provide written reports that meet your family’s particular needs. Judy’s assessment and therapy practices are based on current evidence-based information.

Assessment reporting

Where you may wish to undertake regular therapy sessions following an initial assessment, Judy is able to provide a detailed assessment report that specifies your child’s communication development progress and provides recommendations for follow-up support at home.

Programming (or therapy) reporting

Judy is also able to provide comprehensive programming reports that describe your child’s particular strengths as well as detailing those areas your child may need to develop further. Judy includes in these reports specific programming information and suggestions. Judy is able to tailor the recommendations included in her reports to meet the needs of whoever may be implementing the strategies and activity suggestions provided. For example, Judy is able to write recommendations for a teacher, parent, MSL therapist, tutor or home-schooling parent to implement.

Judy is available to meet with teachers to discuss your child’s report and programming recommendations.